Temporary Glitter Body Art
Temporary Glitter Body Art is the new word in body art. Sparkling, shining, glamorous Temporary Glitter Body Art is the best way to compliment person's unique charm. We provide wide range of attractive and stylish designs to suit all ages.
Temporary Glitter Body Art is very easy to apply and it can be placed on hand, back, shoulder, foot etc. It is waterproof and allergy free. It can stay on the skin up to 7 days.
Glitter Body Art is the easy and fun way to create perfect festival/holiday atmosphere.
Temporary Body Art looks like real as it is black in colour and it stays long on the skin as well.
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Customer Reviews

My kids had a great fun wearing it. They really liked it " -- Margarette, London

"It is so beautifull  and professionally done. Thank you!" -- Carol, Essex